(Letters A to G have now largely been edited. The rest is stil in a rough state.)

According to 'a certain Chinese Encyclopaedia' animals can bedivided into fourteen categories, namely a. belonging to the emperor, b. embalmed, c. tame, d. sucking pigs, e. sirens, f. fabulous, g, stray dogs, h, included in the present classification, i. frenzied, j. innumerable, k. drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, l. etcetera, m. having just broken the water pitcher, n. that from a long way off look like flies." This wonderful self-undermining categorisation comes from Les mots et les choses, in which the author Michel Foucault quotes a story by Jorge Luis Borges who in turn has it from his own sources.... The encyclopedia below presents a journey through a mind getting to know itself through a long sojourn in a country that was at once wonderful and difficult. The encyclopedia is ordered by nothing more banal than the alphabet. Its purpose is to make sure we do not even begin to feel confident that we know ourselves, let alone the places we inhabit, whatever our connection with them. Places are always more, always less...being made visible by the descriptions of them.

A   F   M   S  
  Abyss, avoiding the   Fall, before the   Machine aesthetic   Sadness
  Advertisements   Falmouth, the market   Machine  Machismo   Sale by scramble
  Africa   Fear   Mandeville Courthouse   Samson 
  Afval (In Dutch)   Fear and design   Maps    Savannah La Mar
  Aims   Fear and form   Marines    School of Architecture
  Anthropocentrism   Feeling   Me   School
  Anti-heroes   Fences   Memory    Self 
  Apathy   Fire    Memory and the future   Senghor and the paragone
  Arawaks   First world third world   Men   Sex
  Archaeology   Flotsam and jetsam   Men again   Shadow
  Architect   Flotsam and jetsam again   Method   Sign
  Architects shall inherit the earth   Fonthill   Mikhael or the hill   Signs
  Architecture as a political act   Football   Minigolf   Silence
  Architecture as an heroic deed   Forget   Modify   Simcity
Architecture is/termites are Friendliness   Momus Skin
  Art   Frustration   Monster   Sky
  Arte Povere   Fun   Montego Bay somewhere   Slave
  Axum   Functionalism   Mooretown   Slavery 
      Funeral   Movement   Slavery and its geometries
B         Museum   Slavery and pride
  Babies G     Myth   Sleep
  Babymothers   Garbage   Myths   Society
  Babylon scattered   Garrison Community       Something and nothing
  Babysitting   Geometry of Control N     Space, time and us
  Ballustrades   God   Naipaul the accute              Spying
  Bamboo   Good, the   Name   Stealing Africa
  Baroness   Good and existence   National Gallery    Stoplights
  Barracks   Good Paradox, the   Nationalism   Streets
  Basseterre   Good life, the   Natural environment   Style and Nomenclature in Jamaica
  Becoming your possession   Good, mind and matter   Necropolis   Style
  Beggars and Architecture   Greathouse, the   New Year   Subjective
  Belief   Greatness and worth   New   Sufferer's Heights
  Belonging   Grid, the   Night   Sugar
  Belonging again   Guilt, a thought    North Street   Superstition
  Berlin pornography *   Guilt, a longer thought   Not as good as you   Symmetry
  Bhuttu's in Benzes Gunman       Sysiphus
  Bias     O      
  Bible H     Obeah and Revival Church T  
  Bibliography   Hair arranged in a grid   One legged men and walls   Taxi
  Bicycle   Half Way Tree   Oppressed   Technology
  Birth   Hate   Organisation of the city   Television
  Birth cerfiticate   Havana I: arrival   Orgy   Theatre 
  Birthday   Havana II: Centre   Outside World   Theses on history
  Black, Blacka   Havana III: Centre       Tivoli 
  Black River Sometime   Havana IV: The Vedado P     Toilet
  Bobo Community   Havana V: El Cerro   Paradigm   Tolerance
  Bodybuilding   Havana VI: El Cerro II   Paradise   Tolerance/intolerance
  Boredom and progress   Havana VII: Epilogue   Parallelogram    Traffic
  Boy who spins   Hellshire   Paramaribo   Tramps 
  Breeze and pillows   Helper   Park   Trenchtown
  Bridge to separate   Heroes Circle and the Tree Poet   Past   Trenchtown, a garrison community
  Brown Envelope   Heroic Architecture: writing on the wall   Paths    Trinity's house
  Bullets   Hills and houses   Paths and places    
  Bureaucracy , divine   History: Forgiveness and Revenge   Patois U  
  Bureaucracy, merry   History again   Periphery   Ugliness
  Bus   History And The Hunchback   Permanence   Understanding
  Business architecture   History/forgivennes Picturesque   Undifferentiated space
      Homelessness Pines, The    Uptown/Downtown
C     Homosexuality Piss   Urban Mythologies
  Can   House Plantation & The Picturesque   Urban Mythology
Cars   House, a real    Plantation History   Urban Vacuum
Cars again   House is finished   Plantation    
Caryatids   House, the small   Plants V  
Castles   Houses, Incomplete   Plunder   Value of a house, The
Categories Hubs maketh man   Politics   Violence
Champagne Hurricanes   Portmore   Violence,its causes
Chancery Estate Hylozoism   Poverty   Violent Buildings
Charity     Prejudice    
Climate I     Prime Minister W  
Clive   Identity   Primitive   Waiting
Clouds   Indiscipline   Prisoner   Walls
Comedy   Inside/Outside   Progress    Walls 2 
Compound   Internalising the house   Progress and geometry   Walls 3
Comprehending the city on arrival   Italy and the want of ruins in Jamaica   Prophet   Waste
Concord Plaza           Water
Cornwall House J   R     Watching humanity
Corridor   Jamaica   Race   Wealth controlled
Corridor freedom   Jamaica, the name   Race and equality   Wealthy poverty
Cottage for the sultry months   Jetplanes   Racial Difference   White
Crisis Judgement   Racism   White people
        Racism Again   White Supremacy
D   K     Rain   Whole/Part


Day    Kingston's grid   Rape   Willemstad
  Departure   Kingston 1702   Rastafarianism   Willy 
  Depression   Kingston 1744   Rebellion   Winefield Hall
  Descriptions   Kingston 1790   Reflection   Wood is good
  Design by afterthought   Kingston 1808   Relax   Words
  Design by forethought   Kingston 1917   Rich   Wordsworth
  Devon House   Kingston Harbour   Rich paradox    
  Devon House   Kingston explodes 1930-1990   Rich & Poor    
  Dictionary   Kitch   Rituals    
  Difference and identity       Riverton city    
  Dignity L     Road Sweeper    
  Display   Landscape   Rose hall     
  Dogs, dead   Language and laughter   Running    
  Doing   Letter beggar      
  Doing versus being   Life      
  Driving   Light and Dark      
      Liking a style      
E     Litter      
  Earning Money   Litter again      
  Efficiency   Litter and Barricades      
  Eh gyirl! Me like ya featcha!   Logic of slavery      
  Elections and shoes   Longterm/shortterm terminology      
  Emperor Kitchen and Jah Shed          
  Explosion, Urban          


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