Senghor and the paragone

If someone want’s to criticise European aesthetics for trying to imitate reality, let me show them the tempesta  by Giorgione or the Madonna dell’ Castefranco or Frans van Mieris’ Tavern Scene in the Mauritshuis. Sure it uses visual reality as a basis for departure, there is space, depth and recognition, but it goes way beyond that into the anaylsis of humanity.  Don’t make the mistake of bolstering African art by kicking at European Art, Senghor. It does not work, it may destroy the art, if you are succesful in you declamations, but it destroys much more than that. Good art will come again. You will not, and such defamation will destroy the defamator, yourself, by rendering you ridiculous. Which would be a shame for it would allow an narrow view to consume your generous self.