The mechanics of a relationship between man and his universe. The topography of that universe is hard, it is a universe without relativity, without the possibility of perspectives, one where every shape has been given an absolute relationship, an unalterable position in relation to this man. And every object is abstracted reduced in its wealth to cubes and cylinders. It is no good ascribing to machismo the excuse of adolescence. It is rather the other way around adolescence visits machismo in an enthusiasm of discovery, of having found an answer and then leaves again as a butterfly being pursued by doubt and a suspicion that there is another world beyond. But the universe of machismo is hardened and permanent, unchanging and stagnant. It is a decision about reality and a subsequent closing of the mind. It will not allow the world to unfold itself further. It will settle for its success there and then. Its violence is geared to preservation of that reality, its art is set to carve that realtiy out of stone, to recreate it, to rehearse it time and time again. Mahcismo settles for entrenchment and throws each man into strange bonds of a purely arbitrary and existential nature. It sets red against blue and orange against green. With reference to our redemption, machismo and its related states of metaphysical ossification, is that which has cut off our wings and made us plunge into a world of hard surfaces, impenetrable walls, high windows and deep gullies. It saves us from flight and possibility.