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Everything is connected to everything else. And here we are, just wanting to make a name for ourselves. It is laughable. There is a way of appreciating one thing without that appreciation being at the cost of something else. Appreciation is free, it does not cost anything but a little mental effort. We have the capacity for it, given us. It has and needs no logic imposed upon it, it finds its own logic within the possible. It does perhaps need a little distance and a subsequent re-immersion, back into the intimacy of belief. Mind you, an altered belief, one in which there is room enough for more appreciation.

In fact it needs a particular kind of belief, an irreducible assumption that everything has a legitimate place in this world, everything an infinite number of uses, that everything is connected with everything else, or at least as far as we can make, out and that concepts of equality or inequality are not needed because everything must be allowed its place with which is really meant its worthiness. Then things can be appreciated not just heteronomously, that is in laws imposed by me or some other, in its usefulness to me, or some other, but autonomously: for what something is, might be, was, could have been to everything else. In such a perspective everything is allowed its beauty, somehow.



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