Trinity’s house

Friday 21st November 1997, I have just returned from Riverton City together with my student Nicole Borwn, we had a wonderfully frank discussion about race and were able to confirm yet again that the whole race issue is one which rests heavily upon the miserable foundation of incredible and wilful stupidity. She showed me “Trinity’s house”. Trinity is a famous and notorious policeman, whom everyone in Jamaica, especially taxidrivers fear. He is macho. Wears an exposed gun against regulations. And he is and has been building a house for years. It has an assymetrical hipped roof of concrete beams resting on far too delicate badly moulded corinthian columns. The house is a concrete block of internal mysteries and awful darkness. It is on the corner of Carraci rd and Mona rd. I have often admired it and wondered, who could possibly build such a house? I am so glad to find he did. He killed his wife some years ago, but was let off. He has become very ambitious and hopes to make commissioner.