Liking a style

Do not subscribe to the absurdity of liking a certain style. That liking, comes from a fear of the unknown and a concommittant, and immense ignorance. A style is not an appropriate thing to like. It simply is. A style is to fill with works that answer to its criteria of distinction. Those works are good or bad as they answer to those criteria. But even if it is a bad work within the confines of that style, it may answer a perversion, which the dogmatic would reject. But then who wants to be dogmatic? Never like a style, surely you are committing logical adultery. You are playing with concepts that are not yours to play with. Liking the style itself is not merely an act of logical aggression, separating an aspect and making it stand for the whole, it is a succumbing in fear of ignorance to an outside authority. But whatever you decide to do. Your dislike is helpless, it will destroy you by harsh laughter.