The enigma of arrival: The waiting theatre a one-minute play in one numbered act


Act one:


Audience: largely black, dressed in bright colours, one or two white people with burnt skin and indifferent sense of dress, all of them sit arranged in rows of bright orange plastic chairs. The legs (of the chairs) are welded together.


Curtain rises: an empty stage, a row of windows with bars from left to right. Behind the windows, three television monitors, two off the third with details of flight arrivals. Occasionally a person or a family accompanied by a porter in red hat, passes along the windows, looks at the audience and moves off stage right. As they pass loud background noises of people talking, shouting to each other, dancehall music, all the faces of the audience are expressionless or cross when not talking or very animated when talking. A white family arrives and move past the windows. All the noises stop.