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The compound collision of continents, and the consequent rupturing of established ways of being has produced new ways of being. Collision, rupture and mix forced a loss of identity in the production of a new one. This new identity is not the object of the continual search for a new identity. The search for a collective ego is elusive, ever elusive. No, it is the search itself that constitutes their identity and generates a capacity for intense feeling that expresses itself in everything.

There are those who wear their feeling like clothes; there are equally many who sublimate that feeling. They still wear their feeling like clothes, but their clothes form a clever disguise. There are preachers and much chatter in Jamaica. The chatter is a mode of escape, it does not want to see the other side of life: the chattering is largely responsible for the architecture of retreat, an intense desire for the intensely normal, a borrowed normality.



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