Waiting can be a source of frustration, it can also be a respectable pass-time. It needs to used to be useful. Its usefulness needs to be learnt. Waiting is a skill. Historical nations see the event as the culmination of a process and so they have neatly calibrated time into events with causes and effects and a gap that allows a process to reach its product. That process has caused the event , the manifest achievement, to become the dictator of our desires. Visible and quantifiable achievement, that is achievement in the eyes of others, programs, daily life. It informs the aesthetics of the high building, of the luxurious dwelling, of most architectural types. The event is our only way of measuring our immense existence. So immense has this existence become that it has become overwhelming and completely exclusive. We do not see anyother way. If A then B. And so, B automatically becomes our epehemeral raison díetre, our temporary purpose for our whole being, and the method of achieving it. How many people have offered their lives to the achievement of conspicuous consumption?


Waiting allows for chaos or entropy to be reintroduced into our lives. This is very important. Waiting suspends our immediate purpose and, if succesful, can even cause us to dislocate from our immediate purpose. Waiting provides a no-manís land where contigent events can, by the force of their presence, their ineluctable proximity, lead to new purposes. Waiting forces us to use our senses, to rehearse our immediate purpose within the context of our life. Use your waiting time well, as a member of a contingent audience and observe and you find your life becoming truly richer.