New Year’s Eve

Diary Tuesday 3rd of January 1995: We went to the Blue Mountain Inn. For which we had bought tickets.  They Inn lies just above Papine on the Road to Gordon Town in a steep valley. They had lit the gardens in the valley with millions of small Christmas Lights. It was magical. We were chauffeured there and back, going with the Financial Director of Desnoes and Geddes, the Local Bottling company that had recently been taken over by Guinness. I had rented a diner Jacket and Trousers from “Memories” on the Lane Plaza along Constant Spring Road. I had gone there on recommendation. The shop was on the less desirable first floor of the two-storey u-shaped mall. The shop window was full of wedding dresses and peachy gossamer substances. On entering I was confronted with a rack selling “Split Crotch Panties for fun or Profit”. I looked like a million dollars in the dinner jacket. We spent the evening floating among unfamiliar people, who themselves floated among unfamiliar people.