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Teasing out possibilities, finding options, searching for patterns, exhaustively, another word for intelligence. Coping with and eventually transcending the environment one finds oneself in. Creating a new environment by finding it within the old one. It was always there. Transcending through reflection, by finding new levels of possible meaning in something that was thought to be exhausted, or thought to be impotent.

Having fun is teasing something for it to reveal itself, further, for it to unfold itself, further. Teasing is not a nice thing to do nevertheless it is the right word in this context. You have to tease something for it to reveal itself, for it to reveal unsuspected boundaries and obstacles, for it to reveal its landscape perhaps at a different scale, at a different time of day, with reference to a different purpose. Teasing mustn’t be constant, it has to be stopped every so often to allow one to reconfigure and reintegrate knowledge, to allow yourself to become familiar with whatever it is that you are concerned with.

Teasing is close to humour. Humour is the revelation of an unexpected relationship. Teasing attempts to find the unexpected because it suspects that it is there. Highly intelligent people are intelligent because they have a highly developed sense of fun, and know how to relate that fun to its practical possibilities. They tease the world for its possibilities.



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