Litter and Barricades

Diary Monday April 26th 1999


About Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

The barricades are burning. The litter which usually occupies the side of the road in a neat line, thinning out as you look further, is now occupying the centre of the road. Specific places. Cars, fridges, washing machines, mangles, barrels, concrete, large stones, boxes, smaller stones, orange juice boxes, (tru-Juice), bottles.


The anti litter act: Riots, 150 people arrested, most because of their contravention of the anti-litter act.


Lady comes on television, and begins to shout. She is a nice lady, rather pretty, middle-aged. Expensive glasses, gold rimmed. She says that the answer is JESUS. Her daughter, carries a placard, Jesus saves.


A man comes on television. Thin long, hollow face, his hair is styled in short thick locks. He cuts the scene in two: a street, yellow with the sun and the dryness. The concrete low houses and the litter covering the streets. He begins his protest in the form of a song. He waves his arms about and then gives up and says something about the government.


Driving through the barricades is exciting. Flames against the night, smoke, which in the night looks like ectoplasm, to allow you to travel in time.


On television I see a large lady making herself larger by stuffing toilet paper up her shirt, she is looting a shop.


Young men suddenly have purpose in their eyes. They look purposeful. They have handkerchiefs tied around their heads.