The Necessity of Architecture, A Study of Edward Lacy Garbett's Theory of Architecture

doctoral dissertation defended at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, April 1996

Introduction: A Rudimentary Treatise of Design in Architecture As Deducible from Nature and Exemplified in the Works of the Greek and Gothic Architects
PART I: Edward Lacy Garbett
Chapter 1 A Biographical Sketch
Chapter 2 Garbett's Religion
PART II: The Treatise
Chapter 3 The Book
Chapter 4 Copyism
Chapter 5 The Mechanics of Genius
PART III: The Beautiful Necessity, A Study of the Polite
Chapter 6 The Vitruvian Triad
Chapter 7 Architecture and the Violation of Space
Chapter 8 Architectural Selfischness and the Consecration of Property
Chapter 9 The Rules of Architectural Politeness
PART IV: The Chain of Beauty
Chapter 10 Associations
Chapter 11 Garbett's Epistemology
Chapter 12 Lower Beauties
Chapter 13 Imitation and Natural Form
Chapter 14 The Dissection of Truth and Purity
Chapter 15 Styles of Searching for Style
Chapter 16 The Poetry of Architecture
PART V: The Argument of Design Exemplified: Histories
Chapter 17 Greek Architects and the Science of Waste
Chapter 18 Gothic: The Death of A Style
PART VI: After the Publication of the Treatise in 1850
Chapter 19 The Treatise's Reception
Chapter 20 Other Writings on Architecture
Chapter 21 Noah's Ark and Garbett's Apotheosis
a A Chronological Bibliography of Garbett's Writings
b Bartholomew's Ideal Bibliography
c General Bibliography
d The Dissection of Truth: An investigation into Edward Lacy Garbett’s concepts of architectural truth and purity
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