Presentations, Lectures & Seminars


Why do we present our work?


This may seem a stupid question but the answer is far from straight forward.


The three main reasons we submit our work to the public is to have it analysed, criticised and, perhaps, judged. Remember both analysis and criticism are a form of service: they help. Judgement is a different story, but appears to be one of the necessary evils in this world.


Critics, analysts and judges can only ever criticise, analyse and judge what is manifest, explicit and visible, audible and/or tangible.


Contrary to popular belief, drawings are not self-explanatory.


It is the presenterís responsibility to bring out the best in his or her design and to explain the product with reference to the intentions and means and language underpinning the product.


There are two parts to any presentation. The visual and the audible/legible.