Finding A working title
You can use that simple question as your working title. That way you will keep the problem fresh in you mind.


Good titles always give an indication of what, when, where:

         What are we talking about?

         When did it occur and where?

Titles are the meeting point between a reader and a text. They provide the decisive first impression. Consequently they are a powerful tool and could be used to do a number of things.


Firstly, they can arrest people and demand their attention.

Secondly, they can indicate what the essay is about.

Good titles can convey the character of the essay, explain the subject and give some indication as to the limits of the essay in terms of time and place.


That is why many people use titles with two parts to them: main titles and sub-titles. The main title often works like an emblem while the subtitle functions as a schematic footprint or diagram of the contents of the essay. For example: Jamaican Relatives; parallels in the social ordering of domestic space in emancipated Jamaica and three West African communities.