A view with a room: the role of a view in decision making

The purpose of these courses is to focus your approach to your design-work by developing the skill of questioning yourself, your design and any relevant issue. Interesting questions lead to interesting answers.


That skill of questioning, set against the growing frame of reference you will be building up will make you look at the world in a different way.

You can perhaps imagine it as follows: Think of your image of the world in terms of resolution. Then quantify that resolution in pixels. The ability to question what you see effectively, will give you an image of the world at a higher resolution. This requires a vocabulary. Think of learning as a way of sharpening your image of the world, improving the focus and the resolution of it.


These courses will present you with the challenge to understand and assess other peoples ideas, designs and deeds, against which you will be asked to formulate opinions of your own.