Job: a bit dark here.

J: I like to argue my cities from the beginning.

Job: Where is the beginning?

J: Fuck the beginning, I like to argue my cities from my beginning.

Job: My beginning is that a city is a gathering of people.

J: My beginning is that we live and die.

Job: What happens after our death is uncertain?

J: There are various theories.

Job: The flood will come, but who cares.

J: We are on this world now and we have to cope.

Job: Have you ever tried to make a completely arbitrary sequence of numbers? It is impossible.

J: We need no defence against the arbitrary. The arbitrary is not what it seems

Job. Yeah yeah...heap o'shit.

J; Allright, so what is arbitrary?

Job: I don't know, I tried to tell you, I have never yet come accross it and when I do there is always God.

J: the arbitrary is merely the unexplained. It is uninteresting. I prefer thinking and imagining something, bursting form the plane and so making that plane really weird looking

Job: fuck off, you're boring me

J: you fuck off

Job: here we are then, we have made a city. I am the inside and you ar the outside?

J: fuck off

Job: alright then, that would make it the other way around.

J: anyway, floods just have to be coped with, you need boats, pigeons, animals, a family, bad people