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Racism and selfishness: on the occasion of Sylvana Symons joining a party of her choice.


Racists are sad creatures.

They feed on resentment and hate.

Racism is a very primitive form of human intelligence.

It sees only obvious difference and judges it selfishly.

Selfishness is a stupid attitude because it sets your environment up against yourself.

i.e. selfishness is not self-serving at all, it serves to destroy everything around you.

Who wants to live in such a place?

Its triumphs and joys are those of destruction, treating everything as means to a dead end.

Racists are stupid and ignorant.

The people who encourage them for the sake of acquiring power are cunning and selfish.

One might think that the only form of discrimination that is permissible is discrimination against racists.

Let them live in their own acidic vomit!

And perhaps it is time to become less tolerant towards the intolerant.

But how should we show our intolerance?

Not by feeding on resentment and hate, surely.

Not by becoming like them!

We should become intolerant by being clear and upright in our rejection of their primitive and stupid behaviour and we should work together to undo the work of the cunning people who exploit stupidity and fear for their own selfish ambitions.



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