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Hate, fear and voting: on the occasion of the Austrian Presential Election


All you Europeans who are tempted by fear, worry, hate or resentment.

Your vote will only help to make joyless places.

It will make your country miserable and mean.

Your joys will be the small triumphs of your hate.

That is a sad kind of joy.

Learn to enjoy what you have and help others to make a worthy place.

Democracy is messy.

Nevertheless give our politicians your trust and hold them to account.

But do not throw democracy away.

If some of our politicians look helpless at this moment, it is the fear and hate they see grow around them that are afraid of. And it is very difficult to respond adequately to it.

But democracy will die if we stop believing in her and treat her badly.

And once she is gone the cunning and the brutes will rule.

The young will stop playing in the streets.

Don’t be tempted by hate and fear.

Be brave, strong, kind and generous.

It will suit you and make for a good place.

You are the problem, not the solution.



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