: 18.06.2010




  Germanophile à la carte
  How to indicate that you are a keen lover of some or even much German Culture without having to affiliate yourself to the inexcusable bits? It was a question I asked my colleagues at work and we speculated at length. Maarten came up with Dietsophile, which sounds good and pointed, but would need constant clarification. Misu then came up with the self-evident "Germanophile à la carte..." Now I can happily be a serious Francophile, Italophile, Danophile, Swissophile and Swedophile, Anglophile and Germanophile à la carte, without having that faint sense of misgiving at the back of my mind. In fact this solution might well refine my enjoyment of other cultures significantly, including those whom I was until now quite happy to accept whole and without qualification such as Italy and France. After all, they have their dark side too, as do the Germans, Dutch, English, Danes and Swedes. What have the Swiss ever done wrong?


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