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Here is the practical Product of my Philosophy. I feel a little self-conscious in declaring it like this; it all sounds so heavy-handed and pedantic. Nevertheless, the times appear to require us to rethink ourselves and take a clarified position relative to the global swell of barbarism. Here is mine:


Things I cannot be for or against:

1. Capitalism

2. Socialism

3. Communism

4. Conservatism

5. Liberalism

6. Democracy

7. Aristocracy

8. Bureaucracy

9. Technocracy

10. Judaism

11. Christianity

12. Islam

13. Buddhism

14. Atheism

15. Agnosticism

16. Monarchy

17. Republicanism

18. politicians

19. lawyers

20. bankers

21. investors

22. dentists

and many other similar examples

Things I am against

1. Any form of humiliation

2. Any form of rape or bad use

3. Most forms of carelessness

4. Any form of absurd behaviour except when the subject of comedy

5. Any form of racial, religious, sexual inequality

6. Any form of injustice

7. Any form of unfairness

8. Any form of dishonesty or corruption

9. great disparity in wealth

10. people using the systems and institutions that are meant to help them take their responsibility to divest themselves of their responsibility

Things I am for

1. the rule of fair law

2. the principle of good use

3. the freedom for everyone to to pursue their well considered good

4. everybody acting so as to better their own situation without worsening that of others or any other part of the environment

5. justice as fairness

6. kindness and gentleness

7. generosity and good faith

8. tolerance and courage to defend the boundaries of good use

9. mutual respect

10. (self) criticism

11. doubt and humour

12. Honesty and sincerity

13. decorum and politeness

14. the exposure of absurd behaviour and unjustness through satire and comedy

The difference

I cannot be for or against most human institutions by themselves. They are mechanisms for living together which are, by and large, neutral in themselves and would function adequately enough or become obsolete as soon as people learned to live their life well. No institution can surive the sustained onslaught of our creative ability at subverting any system. As such I can only be for the rule of fair law by whatever mechanism it is achieved, as long as it never sacrifices the means to the end or indeed vice verse.

Institutions are made problematic by the people who constitute their working parts. They are, after all, the ones who formulate and pass laws and (fail to)live by them.

Only those intitutions, such as national socialism or anti-islamism or antisemitism, which are themselves founded on a deliberate dismissal of the great virtues are thereby rendered completely, and irrevocably unacceptable.

As such my hope is not invested in institutions but in our ability to make them work well and fairly. This requires to my mind a reindividualisation of our functioning as people. We must regain authority over ourselves and work to make the great virtues our own and live according to their advice.

For the rest we have only good use to guide us.



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