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Design is the attempt to bridge the existential gap between thinking and doing, between formulating a wish and making it come true; it is the attempt to cope with the freedom that forms the chasm between thought, action and place. Thought is after all about mobile, developing bodies negotiating and adapting to changeable and unstable environments and finding their place there. That is the basic premise of this book. See it as a set of coordinates and operating instructions for the critical maintenance of your own theoretical stand on the practice of design in architecture. But first, learn dutch!


Jacob Voorthuis (1960) lectures in the philosophy of the built environment at the TU Eindhoven. With a special interest in the relationship between spatial practice and design,his research is concerned with the possibility of judging designs and design decisions from the perspective of a developing ontology of use, the attempt to remodel our conception of use and the useful in design thinking. Jacob graduated in 1988 in Art History at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands, specialising in Art Theory and Aesthetics. In 1996 he defended his doctorate which attempted to confront the subject of architectural design and its role in society with philosophical analysis

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